We are Antwerp's all-female roller derby league. We are a WFTDA-Full Member and play competitively. We play roller derby because we love the game's tactics, its speed and its finesses. Roller derby is a big part of our lives. It empowers us and makes us stronger, while at the same time offers invaluable social opportunities. Our league welcomes members from all races and genders.

How it all started

Our league was founded in February 2010 by four women who shared a common interest. During the first year, the pioneering One Love Roller Dolls worked hard on recruiting, learning the basic skills as well as creating a league that is well organized, with a friendly atmosphere and fun loving culture.

Where we are today

Our league consists of +/- 40 skating members, refs and non-skating officials. We practice 3 to 4 times a week, play games regularly, and we’ve hosted events and bootcamps to share our knowledge.

In November 2012 we’ve hosted and organized the very first Benelux roller derby tournament ‘Skates of Glory’. Besides a buzz of derby high, sleep deprivation and a bunch of bruises, we took home the trophy for 2nd place, right after Go Go Gent Roller Girls. In November 2013 we did it all over again, coming home with similar souvenirs, including the trophy for 2nd place. We were strongly aiming for an upgrade in the trophy department for the edition of 2014, and we did it! We worked really hard for it, but those shiny gold medals are ours now!

In July 2012, we were accepted as an Apprentice affiliate of the WFTDA, the governing body for women’s amateur flat track roller derby. As an Apprentice affiliate of the WFTDA, One Love Roller Dolls joined the ranks of more than 100 all-female, skater-owned-and -operated leagues nationwide that have united to lead the growing sport of women’s flat track roller derby.

We've graduated to be a WFTDA-Full Member in October 2014, and the pink army is ready to place itself on the roller derby map!

Goals and Vision

One Love Roller Dolls is proud to carry on the tradition of roller derby, and to take on an active role in inspiring women of all walks of life to embrace their inner strength. Our core values are good sportsmanship, respect for all and diversity which leads to bringing honor and distinction to our league.

by NSP189

by NSP189