Are you curious about this fast paced full contact sport? Wondering if you got it in you to hit hard while being on wheels? Why not give it a try!

No worry if you’ve never skated before, or if it’s been a while: we will teach you how to skate, stop and fall efficiently. Once we’ve got you up to speed, we’ll build up on making contact gradually. You’ll be totally ready for it when your first game day comes!

Dear men, as much as we love you, OLRD is a women’s league. BUT you are still welcome to join us! You will become one of our much appreciated referees and get to practice along.

Is being on eight wheels freaking you out too much? Then you can join our army of Non Skating Officials, the true heroes of each game, making sure every players points get on the board and manage the penalty box.

Either way: get in touch!


Photo by ©2014 Floyd King
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