Bout 3, get rrready for some action of the home team, the One Love Roller Dolls from Antwerp. The Skates of Glory-organizers were facing the Namur Roller Girls in their first bout on their very own tournament.

I don’t have to tell you how extra motivated they were, do I? And OLRD’s jammer Ellen O.P. Bruise decided to put some sugar on top, by putting a 20-0 score on the scoreboard during the first jam.
But Namur was fighting, hard. After a powerjam they managed to get their score up to 41-22.
But then again, OLRD was also fighting, even harder. In one jam, all 4 OLRD blockers managed to get a major penalty (not at the same time, of course) but still the Namur jammer couldn’t get through the pack once. Some awesome teamwork by C.C. Titmouse, Humpme Bogart, ‘t Biejst and Saxia F, right there! For the rest of this 1st period, Namur’s score went from 30 to 33, whereas OLRD went up to 92. OLRD’s speedskating jammer Andreia must have had something to do with that. She was in the penalty box at the start of a jam and was still able to get a jammer lap point when she got out.
Halftime score: 92-33

After the break, OLRD started off very fierce, with awesome jamming work from Wham! Bam! Wonterjam and Chicka Lee. Namur just couldn’t get through the pack, while C.C. Titmouse and Sin Alley just kept doing what they are good at: hitting and blocking as if their lives were depending on it. The score was already up to 135-39, when Namur found their second breath. They managed to become lead jammer a few times and/or having a powerjam with their name written all over it.
Unfortunately, this was not enough to stop the One Love Roller Dolls from winning this bout. Final score: 175-79.

Vicious Something 😉